Tips To Wear The Best Look Of The Spring And Summer Show

June 17, 2022 9,315 views

Spring and summer show is the 11th edition of the International Show, which took place in Moscow during June 2015. The international team of designers and models who participated in the show made every effort to create a unique look for spring and summer 2015. The name of the contest is not decided, but ICARI (International Center for Art Rag & Leather) will decide it later on.

Tips to wear the best look of the spring and summer show

1. Clean and soft: the most fashionable and comfortable look

This year, the collection of material and fabric is more diverse. It can make us feel light, soft and comfortable.

2. Dyed without limits: colorful dresses are prominent in the spring and summer show

In the spring and summer of this year, the designers will lead you to a colorful world of bold shades ranging from bright yellow to taro green with pure red, thus showing us their unique conception about color. In addition to light garments dyed in different colors, there are also large-sized patterns on coats, collars and other parts of clothes.

3. Romantic and bright: see into the heart of spring and summer show

In 2015, the taste of spring and summer shows is romantic. The designer leaves a lot of vivid red flowers on each outfit, which is considered as a symbol of love. This year, in addition to bright colors, there are also increasing number of pastel colors in the collection.

4. Classy and pristine: classic style for luxury lovers

It is said that fashion does not always mean dressing up in some crazy way. In the spring and summer collections this year, classic style can still be highlighted by using a modern sense . In addition to the usual elegant dresses, collars and jackets, the designers also added some practical pieces using leather.

5. Warm and comfortable: warm clothes are more popular in spring and summer show

Warm clothes are quite popular this year. In addition to bringing out a sense of power, they can also be used in various occasions such as rainy season, winter or summer holidays. This tendency is also reflected in the current fashion trend with the use of blue and sky blue color . Western style clothing has been popular for a long time. The designers of spring and summer create more variety with color blocks and design elements by combining western style with Japanese style to create new unique style.