Benefits Of Haute Couture Show

June 17, 2022 13,401 views

Haute Couture Show is an annual fashion show held in Paris. The fashion house houses a renowned shop on the Saint Honoré street of central Paris. Typically, the presentation extends for approximately six to eight hours and is watched by thousands of people and millions of viewers worldwide.

The most important part about this show is that it began in 1984, has run without interruption, and continues to hold its reputation as one of the biggest shows worldwide. It has also been listed as an important event in contemporary art history since 2006 by UNESCO’s Memory of the World Programme due to its significant influence on contemporary fashion design. This prestigious status can be credited to Coco Chanel who established a formula for Haute Couture which was completely revolutionary at that time.

Benefits of Haute Couture Show

1. It provides us with more information about upcoming trends in fashion and what designers are coming up with this season than anywhere else. Moreover, it also acts as a platform to give the designer’s feedback on his or her collections, which can be quite helpful for them in the future rounds of making designs for upcoming shows and seasons.

2. It helps in the discovery of new talents, who may very well turn out to be the next big thing in the fashion industry. It helps the fashion industry become more competitive and offers a diversity of excellence.

3. It encourages creativity and attracts new customers to visit high end designer shops which can help boost their sales.

4. This annual event helps in boosting tourism, because viewers are more likely to visit Paris every year to see what is being presented by designers this time around as compared to visiting it without knowing that something special is going on there every year.

5. It helps in changing the mindset of people about fashion. For example, in the past, people used to wear only clothes that were made for them (in their size) and of the same design. However, fashion shows encourage experimentation with sizes, cuts and designs.

6. It helps in increasing employment and wealth throughout France by boosting its tourism industry, attracting visitors to its designer shops as well as helping designers and craftsmen get paid for their contributions to the industry.

7. It creates brand awareness among viewers who are more likely to purchase items from a designer that they have heard off or seen perform in a show such as this one.