Spring (Summer) Kids Fashion Show Best Tips

June 17, 2022 53,248 views

Spring (Summer) Kids Fashion Show is the most anticipated fashion event of the year. Event will take place in New York City and will feature some of the most prominent designers from across America and Europe.

The event, which is being held for the first time, will showcase a range of different styles for girls and boys aged between 3 and 16 years old. For example, there will be outfits designed in pastel colours as well as ones with more extravagantly-coloured embroidery on them.

Spring (Summer) Kids Fashion Show best tips

1. Be early in the fashion show

Professional models are picked from children aged between 3 and 16, so it is essential to get there at least one hour earlier. However, you have to complete the registration all the time as there is a limit of 1,000 people.

2. Call the number displayed on screen before entering the fashion show area

The call display will be shown 2 times every 7 minutes. Therefore, before trying to enter to see this fashion show, you should try calling this number 2 times. Furthermore, it also helps when you want to buy some other kind of goods from a shop near the fashion show place.

3. Don’t forget your ID

There are security guards there to make sure you comply with the rules. And, they will be checking your photo ID immediately after getting in. Despite of these measures, it is strongly recommended that you bring your photo ID along with you.

4. Arrive early to check the weather forecast before it rains

It is better to wait at least 20 minutes until the ‘presentation time’ on the time display of each specific model because they need practice first before they can start doing their presentation. Furthermore, it is also important to check whether it will rain. It is because the weather forecast on the display will be changed and the numbers will disappear.

5. Be patient after entering the place

You don’t have to run as you are not supposed to join the space before your model’s presentation time. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you stay inside for about 7 minutes before leaving because some people who came when they could barely hear their own voices are talking very loudly after another 7 minutes pass by.