About Shiseido Future Solutions

June 17, 2022 11,000 views

With advances in science and technology, we’re experiencing a rapid evolution of what is possible for the human race. This can lead to some pretty amazing things, but it also means that the future is full of uncertainty. And what happens when everything changes so quickly? To continue enjoying the fruits of our abundant resources, we need to prepare for this inevitable future, even if it doesn’t happen next week or next year.

The Shiseido Future Solutions concept evokes these themes by presenting the idea of a “human-machine bond” through a combination of projection, reflection, and re-imagination. The experience begins with Rolf Benz’s creative creation, “L’eau du Soleil,” which is projected onto the wall to emulate the starry sky and moonlight. In this space, visitors can also see a large number of projections made by artists who interpret these themes through fashion photography, video technology and more.

The second half of this narrative—reflection—takes visitors through a journey to the year 2100 and beyond. In this area, they can see changing images that represent the past, present and future of humanity. The final section—re-imagination—is a conceptual space where people can imagine their own future in this altered world.

The Shiseido Future Solutions concept also connects to the theme of change and development in the Shiseido brand philosophy. In addition to benzocaine (an ingredient used in Rolf Benz’s creation), which is a derivative of an antihistamine that helps reduce drowsiness, Shiseido Future Solutions uses other ingredients that are derivatives of materials found in nature, which are blended with molecular machines that form dynamic systems.

In addition, a transparent screen has been set up in a large space where visitors can view videos of artists also interpreting this theme. And if all this isn’t enough, there are also some specially made goods for sale. We hope that you enjoy all the Future Solutions have to offer.